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Minimum Maximum Sub-arrays

The problem is presented on Leetcode #410. The task is to find the minimum maximum sub-array sum given an array of integers. The optimal solution involves a binary search, but that did not come intuitively to me. The first approach that came to my mind was dynamic programming.

Ex. [7,2,5,10,8] m = 3

We must also sum from the end of the previous split to the current ith element.

For dp[4][3] - dp[3][2], this means the mth split (last split) has a sum of {10}.
For dp[4][2] - dp[3][1], the last split has a sum of {5,10}

Example: dp[1][1] = 7 dp[2][1] = 9

    dp[3][2] = min(dp[3][2],max(dp[1][1],sum{2,5}))
    dp[3][2] = min(dp[3][2],max(dp[2][1],sum{5}))
    dp[3][2] = 7